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Algebraic techniques have practical uses. Systems of linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and the manipulation of rational expressions are all on the table. Algebra requires graphing functions and making connections between the graphs and the characteristics of the functions.

This knowledge will be put to use when you develop mathematical models to solve word problems. Many practice problems will test your understanding of the material covered in each section. In algebra, symbols are used instead of actual numbers to represent them in equations and formulae. Mathematicians are able to develop formulae and solve problems more quickly when they have a firm grasp on the relationships among these symbols and the structure they give. The two main branches of algebra are called "elementary" and "abstract" algebra. To put it simply, elementary algebra is the study of algebraic concepts and equations introduced in the early grades. Abstract algebra, often known as contemporary algebra, is the study of various algebraic structures such as groups and vector spaces.

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