What Is The Importance Of Online Teaching And Learning?

The importance of online teaching and learning was realized during the days when the global pandemic was at its peak. The year 2020 gave a new definition to the term “distance learning” and brought many opportunities for both the students and the teachers. However, the concept of online learning was quite old, dating back to the 1980s when the University of Toronto offered the first ever online learning course.

Before learning the importance of online teaching and learning, we should look into the brief history of online teaching and learning.

A Brief History Of Online Learning

We’ve moved past the days when students were expected to study in a room with other students. Today, learning is as simple as sitting in your lounge and getting enlightened by your course provider. The numerous advantages of online education make us realize the true significance of online teaching and learning. However, the beginning of this aspect of education was not that common before the 21st century.

Online education is a relatively new concept; however, the term “distance learning” dates back to the late 1950s, when televised shows were a source of teaching as well. This learning gave rise to the idea of online learning and teaching. Studying via interlinked computer terminals became common during the 1960s. As mentioned above, the first ever online course was offered by the University of Toronto.

Why Do The Students Prefer Online Learning?

Before discussing in detail the importance of online teaching and learning, we must first learn why students prefer online learning. Various online education providers provide an amazing set of services in addition to quality education, which attracts the majority of students. For instance, having easy access to all the course material helps the students collect all the required material for their studies.

The ease that distance learning brings to the busy schedules of working students is a main factor in their choosing online education. Conventional ways of education are gradually entering a declining phase. However, the conventional modes of education are not replaceable. The importance of online teaching and learning is that it can reduce the amount of travel while attending regular lectures.

Importance Of Online Teaching And Learning


Online education is very important for both educators and students. Online education provides students with numerous options for convenience. The amount of online courses available in multiple institutions around the world is unbelievable. However, the conventional ways of education are still a preference for many. Online learning is the way to go for students, especially for those who are seeking help from foreign course providers.

Let’s learn about the importance of online teaching and learning by taking the following points into consideration:

Online Learning Provides Flexible Learning

Online education provides the students with an opportunity to learn at their own pace. You can easily sit at home and schedule your classes as per your leisure time. Completing your assignments while seated in your living room or taking the regular quizzes in bed at midnight is a very common thing now, thanks to online learning. One of the most important advantages of online learning is the flexibility it offers.

Not just benefiting the students, but on the contrary, online education also helps the faculty members as well. Staying at home and inducting sessions with your morning coffee on your study desk is something every course provider would cherish. Whenever bad weather calls, there is always the possibility to stay at home and deliver your best lecture to your audience.

Controlled Learning And Teaching

With the introduction of online education, the concept of controlling your education is possible, as now both students and teachers can work in accordance with their leisure time. The teacher can easily arrange a class whenever she wants, and the students can study there and then or just cover through recorded lectures.

Students And Teachers Can Get Connected Internationally

Online education gives students and teachers a chance to connect with each other. Both teachers and students can learn about each other’s cultures and traditions through online education. The social and cultural differences between two nations can be displayed through online education. The learning abilities developed in such globally connected classrooms are supreme. This way, the students and teachers get to know how to deal with humans of all races.