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Areas under curves (integral calculus) and rates of change (differential calculus) are two topics studied in the mathematical field of calculus). Uses for calculus extend well beyond physics. Transformations are the focus of calculus. This allows for the Modeling of dynamic systems and the derivation of model predictions. It allows us to build relatively straightforward mathematical models of change and extrapolate their implications.

Any bachelor's degree program in the natural or physical sciences or in engineering will require calculus as a prerequisite. In order to succeed in the introductory Calculus courses, you need to review the four fundamental mathematical topics that are considered to be known by starting Bachelor students. These are functions, equations, differentiation, and integration. You will be ready to begin your calculus study at the university level after completing this course. You will be instructed to apply and solve mathematical problems using the definitions and ideas you study. Building on your foundation in high school mathematics, you will be prepared to tackle the first calculus course of your college career with confidence.

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