How can you help me with my online class?

It is simple. Sign up with Online class help for me and provide all the necessary information regarding your online class service and make the payment. You will receive a welcome e-mail from the account manager who is handling your online class. Our PhD Qualified experts will review your requirements and get to work almost immediately.

If you have any deadlines the day of or the day after signing up, make sure to let us know by calling us on the given contact details. Our representatives are available 24x7 to answer your queries.

Can you help me take my exam?

Yes. Online class help for me offers online exam service separately as well. You can simply select the service while signing up and we will assign our best subject expert to help you ace your exam.

Can you help me with discussion posts, assignments and homework?

Yes. Online class help for me offers all services related to online class. Whether it is your homework, a discussion post or simply an essay or assignment of any sorts, we have subject experts who specialize in their field and will ensure that you get an A in your class.

Does my online class help package include all assignments, courses, homework and quiz as well?

Yes. If you choose to get help for the entirety of your Online Class, our subject experts will be available to cater to all requirements that come with it. Be it a daily assignment, quiz, discussion post, or your final exam, your online class help service package includes it all. To get to know more about our pricing, sign up now by clicking here or get in touch with one of our agents.

How much do I have to Pay for Complete Online Class Help?

The pricing for every class varies based on a number of factors which include

  • Academic Level

  • Subject & Level of Difficulty

  • Total Duration in Weeks of the Online Class

  • Expected number of quizzes, articles, homework documents etc.

  • Total Discussion Points Required

  • Deadlines. (For urgent/rush orders – the price will vary)

Can my school track me that I am logged in with a different IP Address?

Logging in for a different country/state can definitely alarm your school authorities. However, at Online class help for me, we ensure that our tutors are hired only from within the US and are graduates of some of the top online US universities. Additionally, we also ensure our experts use VPN to log in from your particular state to completely eliminate the risk of IP tracking.

Can I be in trouble for seeking professional help with my online class assignments?

No. You don’t have to worry about your school/college ever finding out. This is our little secret. At Online class help for me we ensure 100% confidentiality and don’t reveal the identity of our customers thus your secret will always be safe with us.

Can you write my term papers and assignments for me?

Yes. We have some of the best writers as a part of our team. Our expert tutors are not only amazing at taking online class for you but can very conveniently do your term papers, assignments just like daily homework.

Will I get an A Grade in my online Class?

Our PhD experts specialize in their subjects of study. We only assign tutors who excel in a particular subject so you don’t have to worry about getting bad grades. With Online class help for me you are sure to get an A in all the subjects you seek help with.

99% of Students using Online Class Help received an A or B

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