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Knowledge from the social sciences aids individuals and groups in making sense of their environment. There are a plethora of social science courses accessible online for those who are curious about the human brain, cultural understanding, and the betterment of society.

The study of human society and interpersonal connections falls under the umbrella of social science. Many disciplines fall under the umbrella of "social science," but these are just a few. Mental health, behavioral analysis, education, economics, politics, and program management all have their roots in applied social science. Students that do well in social science classes usually have a natural talent for research, data analysis, and interpersonal understanding, all of which are ingrained in social science courses and highly sought after by employers. Numerous social science topics are covered in both introductory and upper level online courses. The following are some examples of topics that a social studies course could introduce students to:

  • Demography
  • Social geography
  • Sociology
  • Scientific study of human growth and change
  • Psychology in the workplace
  • Training future leaders
  • Welfare programs

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